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Carol of the Bells

Merry Christmas my friends! Here is a gift for you from Natalia Melnik and me! We will be pleased if you congratulate your relatives and friends with this video :) May the spirit of Christmas fill your home with peace, joy and love! I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Concert at Mosaic Learning Centre


Ghost Busters Skeleton Guitar Violin Cover

Phew! Just finished editing this video! Three days of filming, more than twenty hours of editing and about ten (!) hours of makeup to say nothing about all sorts of preparations and auxiliary steps are just to congratulate everyone with Halloween! It was worth it :) So, next stop is the "Ghost Busters" cover performed by a band of skeletons! :)


International School of Music annual concert is coming soon!

It is less than one week to the annual concert at International School of Music, Ryde. Come to see how the children improved over the last year!
More detail:
Tickets are available here:


Open day at "Mozaika" learning centre

I am starting a guitar section at "Mozaika" learning centre for children and adults. More details:

Information about the course on Facebook

Schedule and fees


Performance with my students at Eastwood Spring Fair (Eastwood Public School)

It is pleasure to perform at Eastwood Spring Fair with my students to showcase what they achieved over the last months.


Performance at a local community event in North Ryde

Recording with my song called "Flight", which I performed on the weekend at an event in North Ryde.


An Omlette in Denver

An expressive tune from Laurence Juber with a funny name - An Omelette in Denver.


Martha's Harbour - new video!

I recorded this video on Marubra Beach when I was lucky to meet the most incredible dawn in my life. The sky seemed painted for a fantasy movie or computer game. In no time the illumination changed completely and there was no time to delay. No special effects, just pure nature.


Two Candles - a new video is uploaded!

Do you know the Russian band called "Gorky Park"? This video is my interpretation of their song "Two Candles"; I've added a little bit of this and that - I'd better not say what exactly, see yourself.


The site is published!

I am happy to announce that my personal website has got published! Follow me and subscribe - I upload new content regularly. See you soon! a

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